This website is the ONLY official location for information and updates about the Age of Steam Roundhouse, so do not believe any other rumors that you might hear elsewhere.
Please do not attempt to call our offices for additional information about the Age of Steam Roundhouse. We just do not have enough company time to answer your specific questions about the roundhouse, our steam engines, etc. Any and all information that we release about our Age of Steam Roundhouse project and operation will be placed here, on the official AoSRH website. We will update our website with accurate and timely information, and will upload photos detailing the progress of this historic project.
We will announce on this website specific dates and times when the Age of Steam Roundhouse will be open for public visitation. 
You certainly are free to travel along the adjacent public thoroughfares to view the Age of Steam Roundhouse in person, but, for reasons of safety, we ask that you refrain from entering AoSRH property except on those days when pre-schedule, escorted tours are being offered. And, because the area’s roads are filled with Amish buggies, bicycles and pedestrians, please be sure to drive safely and slowly.