Baltimore & Ohio 0-6-0 No. 1190
Builder: American Locomotive Co. - Brooks Works; Dunkirk, NY
Built: January 1904 as BR&P #152                      
Serial No: #28753
Wheel Arrangement: 0-6-0
Driver Diameter: 51"
Cylinder Bore x Stroke: 20" x 26"
Boiler Pressure: 180 psi
Pulling Power: 31,200 lbs. tractive effort
Engine Weight: 72 tons
Tender Weight: 43 tons
Length: 56'
Fuel: Coal
Capacity: Coal - 6 tons; Water - 4,500 gallons
Class: D-44
Status: Non-operational

During November 2014 the AoSRH stabled another steam locomotive acquisition, this one in the form of ex-Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh 0-6-0 #152.
It was constructed by Alco Brooks during January 1904 (boiler serial #28753), and survives today as the only existing BR&P locomotive.
This 0-6-0 is equipped with 20”x26” inside admission cylinders and Stephenson valve gear, has a grate area of 28.3 square feet, carries 180 pounds of boiler pressure, weighs 144,100 pounds on its half-dozen 51-inch driving wheels, and develops 31,200 pounds of tractive effort (at 85% of boiler pressure). Its diminutive slope-back tender carries just 4,600 gallons of water and 6 tons of coal.
Baltimore & Ohio took control of the BR&P in 1932, and this engine became B&O #1190. When retired from the B&O this 0-6-0 continued working for its new owner, the Ohio River Sand & Gravel Company at Point Pleasant, West Virginia.
When its fires were dropped for the final time, #1190 was donated to the city of New Martinsville for display. During 1979 the 0-6-0 was moved to the Mad River and NKP Museum in Bellevue, Ohio, where it languished in pieces and its wood cab rotted away.
Determining that this B&O steamer had no historical significance to the town of Bellevue (NKP, W&LE, PRR and NYC lines crossed here), the museum in 2008 sold it to Scott Symons in Dunkirk, New York, where he hoped the engine could be repaired and operated.
Those dreams never materialized, so #1190 changed ownership once again and during November was moved in four truckloads to its new home at the Age of Steam Roundhouse in Sugarcreek, Ohio.
Because this 0-6-0 and its tender have rusted so badly and need just about everything replaced, for now this rare little locomotive will be cosmetically restored, as there are no immediate plans for its restoration for service.